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Type-II Miller Coach Sprinter





Miller Coach




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  • Heavy duty 7" LED monitor with audio, shock resistant to 8G. Camera connected to reverse comes on automatically (with Master Switch). Visible distance indicator. Camera is waterproof and shock resistant up to 10G. 130 Degree field of view. 


  • Every Miller Coach includes a 1000 watt Inverter with a 55 amp battery charger. This intelligent controller monitors the battery condition, and either deep charges, or trickle charges depending on the needs. Control is conveniently mounted at the action wall. 

Patient Compartment Interior:

  • Miller coach provides an additional design of a shorter squad bench for those operators that require that more traditional layout. The 36" long bench provides for a single side-facing position, and one lap restraint. This design includes an additional overhead cabinet over the squad bench and the extra wide cabinet space at the side door is moved to the rear door.
  • 15 Interior incandescent Dome Lights with High/Low intensity. Color corrected LED Dome lights are available upon request. 
  • Standard configuration includes approximately 30 cubic feat of storage with easy sliding cabinet doors.
  • Open areas are secured with seat belt type straps.
  • Configuration includes floor to ceiling rear facing cabinet for large storage. All areas secured with seat belt type straps. Cannot be used with 6 foot squad bench. Non-permeable, washable Komatex ceiling.
  • Eight foot overhead safety rail over the patient.
  • Two near flush IV holders, one on each side of the vehicle.
  • A standard 175 type cot catch is installed with floor mounted catch and rear bar. 
  • Every Miller Coach unit includes the three standard items commonly used during transport: hand sanitizer dispenser, glovebox holder, locking sharps container. 
  • Bracket provides a positive holding system for most of the popular industry units. A quick release mechanism allows easy locking and unlocking for a defibrillator for grab-and-go convenience on the scene. Defibrillator Mounts accommodate the defibrillator and soft storage accessories. This option needs to be installed at the factory. Please call for defibrillator model compatibility. 
  • Larger open cabinets include additional safety straps to keep items inside the cabinets where they're supposed to be. Each seat base includes a lockable cover to secure items such as drugs or valuables. 
  • Simple controls are located on the action wall and are independent of the cab environment. Fresh-air intake is handled from the cab, not the patient area.


  • Standup longboard storage for up to three boards accessible from the side door.
  • The extra large cabinet mounted at the side door is lighted and triggered by the door switches. This provides the extra visibility needed when operating at night or dark conditions. 
  • Solid, single-piece aluminum tread plate with steel supports. The 7" running boards add considerable style to the unit. 
  • Five pound hose and horn mounted in a quick release bracket.

Emergency Lights:

  • All emergency lighting devices are state-of-the-art high intensity LED units powered by a KKK compliant primary/secondary flasher. The total emergency lighting load is less than 18 amps. 
  • A 1250 Watt inverter with 55 amp charger is included with a weather-resistant shore power connection located on the street-side of the vehicle.
  • Two 110 VAC Lighted outlets; one on each side of the vehicle which are automatically wired through the inverter.
  • 12 VDC connections on the Action Wall with built-in Medical isolater.
  • A self-contained HVAC system is included for the patient area. There is a separate compressor, condenser, and evaporator installed in the vehicle. 
  • Rugged, reliable, 100,000 hour LED lamps. 800 Lumen Brilliant White Light. Ultra-thin profile with built-in Hi/Lo function. Greater than 6,000K CCT provides good, clean illumination. Efficient LED technology uses half the power of halogen fixtures. 


  • The oxygen bottle storage is located in the rear of the truck for easy change-out. A removable door is provided with a flip-up gauge window. Straps included single button seat-belt type buckles for positive, quick connections and release.
  • A crash-stable portable oxygen bottle holder is provided at the front of the cabin.
  • Two Ohio type oxygen connections are provided on the action wall.
  • Cylinder bracket accommodates steel and aluminum cylinders including "D", "E" and Jumbo "D" sizes. Meets KKK specifications. Universal bracket base adapts to cylinder size. Neck support bracket is changed with common tools. Heavy-duty nylon strap and metal buckle keep cylinder in place. 

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