EMS Software




Dispatch Software

Ambulance Market Dispatch Software is the most powerful dispatching software package yet.It is a Windows based program that makes call taking,crew paging and dispatching easier that ever by keeping track of all your calls,and where your crews at all times.

Some key features:

  • Alpha numeric paging:
    This lets you send text messages to your crew with the push of a button
  • Mapping:
    The mapping feature allows you to get immediate direction to your call
  • Bridges into all Ambulance Market programs:
    Patient information bridges automatically into our billing and trip sheet software.This makes your service much more efficient because you do not have to re-enter data.


ePCR Software

Ambulance Market ePCR software is the most reliable and cost effective software available to EMS personnel today.It can automate your run reports,including automatic or semi-automatic narrative builders,do spell checking and much more.

Administrator have access to reliable data for statistics and quality improvement with our Microsoft Access Database.If you're not getting meaningful statistics in a timely fashion,it even makes more sense to try us.

The greatest feature of Ambulance Market ePCR software may be how easy it is to learn and use-even a computer novice can feel comfortable using PC and Ambulance Market software in less than an hour.

Ambulance Market ePCR software utilizes the most sophisticated narrative options including auto-generate,narrative builder,clipboard viewer,and a built in spell checker.

Ambulance Market ePCR software captures even more information including Medicare billing info,gauges,sites,successful/unsuccessful treatments and more.

Ambulance Market ePCR software allows faxing of tripsheets to "received by facilities" and other locations.

Billing Software

Ambulance Market billing software is a billing system that will run under DOS,UNIX,NOVELL,Win95,98,2000,XP ans Windows NT.

Ambulance Market billing software provides for all private insurance,HCFA claims,Electronic Medicare Billing ( NSF 1.04),Electronic Medicaid Billing,HCFA 1500 Billing,Private Invoices Monthly Statements and the new HIPAA guidelines.

Complete Accounts Receivable,Management Reports,Deposit Reports,A/R Aging,Invoice Registers,Open Trip Logs,History Reports and more.Ambulance Market billing software even has Electronic Reconciliation which will post electronic payments automatically for you.